Tuesday, 22 January 2013

MOAM Project - Martien Mulder

What Kate Left, 2012 © Martien Mulder

Untitled (Chandigarh, India), 2010 © Martien Mulder

'I wanted to create an image of the moment that preceded the picture of Inez & Vinoodh. Kate just took her clothes off and stepped out of the picture..' - Martien Mulder

Martien Mulder
Together with fashion designer Peet Dullaert, Martien Mulder created What Kate Left, 2012, based on a photograph by duo Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin 'Kate / Bride' was the inspiration for his image, which is on display at &Foam, Vijzelstraat 78, until 17 March 2013.

Martien is a Dutch photographer based in New York. She combines portraiture, fashion, landscape and still life photography. After finishing her degree in art history with a major in contemporary photography she became more involved in the world of art as an actual photographer herself. She started with creating handmade books of her own photographs. Exhibitions of her work have been staged in New York, Amsterdam and Tokyo.

Foam Editions
Martien also created a second image, Untitled (Chandigarh, India), 2010. Both images are on sale at Foam Editions. If you are interested in buying a print, please get in touch with Floor Haverkamp, our Editions Manager. You can reach her on +31 (020) 7600489 or via email at floor[at]foam.org. In the meantime, here are the details:

What Kate Left, 2012
Digital C-print, 20 x 28 cm. Edition of 30
€ 500,00 ex. VAT (€ 530 inc. VAT)

Untitled (Chandigarh, India), 2010
Digital C-print, 20 x 28 cm. Edition of 30
€ 500,00 ex. VAT (€ 530 inc. VAT)

Martien's work is part of the MOAM project for Fashion &Foam. See hers and the other participants' work at our store &Foam, Vijzelstraat 78 until 17 March 2013. You can also check Foam Blog over the coming days for more profiles.

Jonathan Crawford


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