Monday, 14 January 2013

MOAM project - Jolijn Snijders

Lonerism, 2012 © Jolijn Snijder

Escaping Paradise, 2012 © Jolijn Snijders

'The fragile, solitary feeling attracted me especially in the work of Corbijn. I often play with adolescence and youth and the associated fears and insecurities in my work. A dreamy woman in a deserted street in Amsterdam.' - Jolijn Snijders

Jolijn Snijders
Together with fashion designer Claes Iversen, Jolijn created Lonerism, 2012, based on a photograph by renowned Dutch photographer, Anton Corbijn. 'Christy Turlington, Dublin' was the inspiration for her image, which is on display at &Foam, Vijzelstraat 78, until 17 March 2013.

After graduating Art Academy Jolijn Snijders worked in advertising for a year, then started a career as a photographer. At a young age she created I Love Fake, an independent digital magazine, for which she shot a lot of editorials, building a network of collaborators and earning experience and visibility. The magazine recently published its first issue in print, widely distributed all over the world.

Foam Editions
Jolijn also created a second image, Escaping Paradise, 2012. Both images are on sale at Foam Editions. If you are interested in buying a print, please get in touch with Floor Haverkamp, our Editions Manager. You can reach her on +31 (020) 7600489 or via email at floor[at] In the meantime, here are the details:

Lonerism, 2012
Black and white print, 100 x 70 cm. Edition of 5 + 1 Artist's print
€ 750,00 ex. VAT (€ 795 inc. VAT)

Escaping Paradise, 2012
Pigment print, 40 x 60 cm. Edition of 5 + 1 Artist's print
€ 575,00 ex. VAT (€ 609,50 inc. VAT)

Jolijn's work is part of the MOAM project for Fashion &Foam. See hers and the other participants' work at our store &Foam, Vijzelstraat 78 until 17 March 2013 or check Foam Blog over the coming days.

Jonathan Crawford


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