Monday, 28 January 2013

Hi from Tahir Square

Hi from Tahir Square, Instagram © Laura El-Tantawy

When I first saw this image in my Instagram feed I got immediately hypnotized. I had been following Laura El-Tantawy's updates for a while, so I knew what I could expect from them. But more than the strong, heavy images of the clashes or the gentle and beautiful ones of her life in London this is the one that keeps on coming to my mind.

Maybe it's because of her eyes. It looks like she's smiling, it must have necessarily been a quiet moment in between not so quiet ones. It makes me think about her role there, similar to many but somehow different, unique. About the need to document, report, photograph, and our need to see. It makes me smile, and look forward to what this great talent and amazing woman will show us next.

Laura El-Tantawy featured in Foam Magazine #32/Talent and is represented by VII Mentor.

Elisa Medde


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