Monday, 17 December 2012

Tosja's Top Five

1. Story Teller - Tim Walker
Alice gone wild in a stylish Wonderland, there seem to be no boundaries to Tim Walker's imagination and his ability to bring it to life in his photos. High fashion meets  high fantasy.

2. Unconscious Places - Thomas Struth
It is quite amazing how Thomas Struth has managed to turn bustling cityviews into almost surreal and scenery-like places which seem bereft of any human habitation. A rather fascinating collection of photos and certainly an interesting take on urban life and the way it responds to humanity or perhaps not.

3. Nostalgia - Sergei Prokudin-Gorskii
A wonderful telescope into the past. 19th century Russia in full colour and rich detail.

4. The Bitter Years - The Farm Security Administration Photographs through the eyes of Edward Steichen
One can't help but relate this powerful photo collection to the world's present economic problems and  the results of that. These haunting and poetic photos still speak for themselves and provide a lot of insight into what the results of a depression can be.

5. Yamuna Walk - Atul Bhalla
A detailed and reflective sight on the Yamuna River and the way this river relates to present-day India.

Tosja Coronel

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