Friday, 23 November 2012

From The Archive - No Man's Land

Untitled, from the series 'No Man's Land', 2000-2004 © Larry Towell
Hamas and Israel have been battering each other once again over Gaza. More than 1500 Israeli airstrikes and more than 1000 Hamas rockets launched over the last week or so.

Larry Towell's series 'No Man's Land' investigated the importance of land as territory to both sides is in this long-running conflict. The Magnum photographer worked in the region for over ten years. Towell's work was shown in Foam back in 2006.

A ceasefire came into force on Wednesday and still seems to be holding. How long will this one last, is the perhaps pessimistic, but inevitable, question.

Jonathan Crawford

No Man's Land was on show in Foam from 14 April - 18 June 2006.


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