Friday, 3 August 2012

Nail Meets Bookshelf

Nail Meets Bookshelf, Still Lights © Alberto Ferretto

Fabrica and &Foam: Still Lights series

Nail Meets Bookshelf, bookshelf (David Raffoul, Lebanon)

Nail Meets Bookshelf is an elegant display solution for pocket books (the ones on famous photographers by Thames & Hudson are particularly appropriate). The shelf is just short of two metres long so you could probably show off an A-Z of all the big names.

Nail Meets Bookshelf, Still Lights © Alberto Ferretto

Recalling the high shelves often seen in Mediterranean homes, what is unusual about this one, as designer David Raffoul explained, is that it pivots at one end, so its natural position is actually vertical. What holds it horizontal is a large wooden peg at the opposite end. It's all part of the thinking behind the entire collection, Still Lights, which has imagined objects that function around the three elements of subject, frame and light.

For Nail Meets Bookshelf, Raffoul has taken the pocket book as his subject and the shelf as his frame. Illumination is supplied by a hidden strip LED running along the length of the shelf. Provided by Philips, it is a way (if you needed one) to display the books in an even better light. A striking purple cord stitched into the shelf upright adds an extra bit of jazz and the large wooden peg becomes a simple device to, literally, hold the entire concept together.

Nail Meets Bookshelf, Still Lights © Alberto Ferretto

In a clever piece of brand extension, Raffoul has also imagined the peg as a stand-alone object for hanging your coat or hat. So if you can't afford to buy this unique piece of design, you can at least walk away with something that came from something that was a unique piece of design. Just make sure you've got a nice coat.

You can see Nail Meets Bookshelf and the other products in the series Still Lights at &Foam until 21 October 2012.

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