Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Festival Treasures

3 Shots, Lowlands © Christina Smallenbroek

Festival season in Holland reached its high point last weekend with Lowlands in Biddinghuizen. The hottest Lowlands ever was amazing. Covered in sunscreen, sand and maybe a little sweat, I sauntered from shade to shade, I mean gig to gig, enjoying every second of it. Festivals are more popular than ever. Is it the music, the atmosphere, the bubble or the collective experience? Whatever it is, it works. Tickets are sold out months in advance, way before any line-up is confirmed and the anticipation dominates many conversations. What's your 'to see' wish list? Which campsite are you on? What to wear?!

For Dutch standards Lowlands is quite a wholesale festival.  55.000 visitors, seven campsites, eleven performance tents and lots of lines - you are never alone at Lowlands. And although the collective experience and enthusiasm is fantastic, I think the individual experience matters the most. Your own friends, that unique moment in the India (when everybody was at Alpha) and drinking warm beers in front of your tent. That's what I love about Lowlands. And because you tend to forget some parts and want to keep the feeling as long as possible, I also tried to capture it. Although  I am not the most gifted photographer (understatement) I do want to capture my personal Lowlands. And not just the clichéd images of the entrance towers or raised arms at a performance.

Foam Lab, the annual work experience program of Foam, gives festival fanatics the tools and platform to capture their own personal festival feeling. With their smartphone photography competition, 3 Shots, they challenge festival visitors to capture their own personal hidden treasures in a series of three pictures. Coming from the idea that you always have your camera equipped phone with you, this is the ultimate festival camera. Fast, easy and with apps like Instagram and Hipstamatic, your (and my) mediocre photos are enhanced in a matter of seconds. And if you don't use your apps every 2 seconds, the battery will actually last quite long.
I still think I'll keep my photos to myself though. But if you feel like sharing your festival treasures please do! If the envious looks and some Facebook likes won't do it for you, the tickets for Lowlands 2013 might win you over.

For inspiration and tips from the smartphone and festival photography  pros, check out the theme film:

Entries so far can be found at 3shots.foamlab.nl and send in your own 3 Shots series until August 26 via 3shots@foamlab.nl

Eva Bremer