Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Viviane Sassen - Parasomnia

La Lettre de la Photographie takes a look at Viviane Sassen, one of the photographers who featured in Foam Magazine #11.

"As long as I can remember, I have felt very close to Africa. This is most probably due to the fact that I lived with my family in Kenya when I was a child. Yet, this very experience of closeness has also engendered contradictory feelings. While feeling to be a part of this world, I have also kept on being aware of the fact that I would never really be a part of it. Very soon, I have come to understand that I would always remain a stranger. In this way I try in my work to figure this ambiguity. You feel close but at the same time distant. And that is something that is most of times absent in traditional Western depictions of Africa, always clearly reflecting the interpretation and gaze of Westerners. I am trying to put that in doubt but at the same time, I am also that Western person so I can't get completely free from that background. But I think doubt is always good."

Read the full article on La Lettre de la Photographie.

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