Thursday, 5 April 2012

Talent at Unseen

The deadline for the Foam Talent Call 2012 is fast approaching. After 16 April, the judging panel will close the doors and start deliberating on a final selection of the best Talents of this year.

But some of you still might be umming and aahing about whether to enter at all. Well, if you still need some kind of incentive, how about this? The work of the fifteen artists who make the cut will feature not only in the Fall issue of Foam Magazine, but also in an exclusive Talent exhibition in Amsterdam's Westerpark. If we get our way, the work will go on billboards around the park.
Very nice, you might say (and you'd be right). But what if we said that both the exhibition and the launch of the magazine all happen at the same time and in the same place as Amsterdam's first international photography fair, Unseen? That's pricked up your ears, with any luck.

In September this year, 50 international galleries, and no doubt some serious collectors, will be falling over each other to find out what's hot in photography. That's quite a good time to make an appearance on the scene. So, unless you're in the habit of looking a gift horse in the mouth, make sure you get your entry into the Talent Call 2012 by 16 April. It's a great opportunity to get maximum exposure for your work. So don't be undiscovered, be Unseen.

Good luck!

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