Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Foam Magazine's New Editor

Elisa Medde © Foam
We would like to welcome Elisa Medde, the new managing editor of Foam Magazine. In this interview she talks about her new job and explains what her role is in the Foam Talent Call 2012.

When did you first develop an interest in photography?

I guess it's all my father's fault. Since I was a kid I remember him often around with his Canon AE1. I would get very mad when photographed, which I still do sometimes. He was a talented photographer himself, and I grew up surrounded by art and photographic books. I started taking the matter seriously later on, while in high school. Thanks to one of the greatest teachers I had, Angelo Friolo, I had the chance to spend some time with Ruth Bains Hartmann, not too much time after Erich Hartmann died. That was a true turning point. During my Art History studies visiting exhibitions and looking at books and magazines became a kind of addiction. I am quite fascinated by the power of images, and I think that the photographic medium is somehow able to expand that power.

Could you tell us about how you got involved with Foam Magazine?

As many things with me, a bit by chance about a year after arriving in The Netherlands. In 2010 I took a sabbatical and attended the Master in Film and Photographic Studies in Leiden. While doing that, I had the chance to do a short internship at the Magazine during the preparation of #29 What's Next. I had worked with museums and magazines before, but What's Next? was something else. A thrilling experience from every point of view: crazy deadlines but then an incredible staff, a very ambitious project and a great institution. I was a big fan of Foam Magazine before, but after that I fell truly in love. So, as soon as I had the chance to apply for the position, I did not hesitate for a moment…

Elisa Medde © Foam

What do you like the most about your new position?

I like the combination of very creative and abstract moments, while working on concepts and themes, with more practical and hands on phases during production. Every issue is a timeless project in itself that must be re-thought and renovated every three months, and I find this very exciting. Then you have the absolute privilege of working closely with some of the best photographers, writers and curators out there, experiencing very inspiring and magical moments. This all, plus the madness of some editorial meetings, makes it a very great position.

Could you describe your role in the Foam Talent Call?

As a member of the editorial team I look at all the submissions we get, so that during the whole process we will make smaller and smaller shortlists, until we get to the final selection. This is going to be my first Talent issue, and I am really excited! I already know that it's going to be a very difficult task, as the quality and strength of the portfolios is always very high. I also wonder if there are going to be recurring themes this year, as with "beds" in 2011. Then, when we'll have the final list, I will be the one who will contact the winners to give them the great news, so that we can start working on the publication of the portfolios. I can't wait!


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